Building health
promoting systems
fit for the future.

EuroHealthNet Annual Report
June 2020-June 2021


Building health promoting systems fit for the future.

EuroHealthNet Annual Report June 2020-June 2021

1. Who we are

EuroHealthNet is the Partnership of public health bodies building a healthier future for all by addressing the determinants of health and reducing inequalities. Our focus is on preventing disease and promoting good health by looking within and beyond the health care system.

We work on public health and social equity for policy, practice, and research. We also explore and strengthen the links between them. Our approach focuses on health in all policies, reducing health inequalities gaps and gradients, working on determinants across the life course, contributing to sustainability and wellbeing of people and planet.

This annual report describes our activities between June 2020 and May 2021.

The EuroHealthNet partnership includes 64 members, associate members, and observers. They come from 25 European countries, including 22 EU Member States.

They steer the work of the Brussels office through three collaborating platforms: Practice, Policy, and Research. A core team works to unite and amplify the platforms’ work. The partnership is governed by the General Council, which comprises all members, and the Executive Board.

Read more about our structure, areas of work, and finances in the ‘How we work’ section.

European Countries
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In this last year we have seen how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world. It put health and social policy front and centre of everybody’s consciousness and lives. It became clear that the virus and the policy measures taken to contain it, were hitting the more and most vulnerable members of our societies the hardest. People with – in many cases preventable, underlying health conditions – were also more likely to suffer from COVID-19.

The pandemic, or syndemic, has clearly and dramatically exposed the issues that are at the core of EuroHealthNet’s work; the centrality of health in our societies, the wide range of factors that affect health, and the pervasiveness of health inequalities. The pandemic came in the context of a more chronic environmental crisis, and amidst technological and demographic changes. The unprecedented recovery response, and the high number of proposals under the European ‘Green Deal’, the European Health Union, and the action plan for the European Pillar on Social Rights demonstrate that there are opportunities to “Build Back Better and Fairer”.  These developments also highlight the relevance of EuroHealthNet’s ‘Health Equity in All Policies’ approach, and how working in a wide range of policy areas and across disciplines is vital to delivering health and reducing health inequities.

This Annual Report demonstrates EuroHealthNet played a crucial role and provided input, where possible and relevant, on how these policy initiatives could be designed and applied to maximise impact on health and wellbeing and reduce health inequities across the EU. We raised the awareness of EuroHealthNet members and broader stakeholders about new and/or relevant policies and tools and how they could be applied to address urgent, interrelated threats to health and social equity.

We are delighted to now present the full range of our activities, findings and impacts and look forward hearing back from you, or even better join us in our Partnership for working together, building health promoting health systems fit for the future!

Mojca Gabrijelcic – President    Caroline Costongs-  Director

Executive board

Mojca Gabrijelčič Blenkuš (President)

Vertti Kiukas (Vice President)

Giovanni Gorgoni (Treasurer)

Plamen Dimitrov

Mariana Dyakova

Frank Lehmann

Lorna Renwick

Paolo Stocco

Our impact in numbers

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Members, associate members, and observers from 25 European countries in 22 Member States
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Building health promoting systems fit for the future


Fit for the future
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